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The Vietnamese Teacher’s Union (VNTU) was founded by a small group of teachers based in Vietnam.

The original intention is to provide a platform for teachers to reflect on the working environment at school, and to express their concern on ethical issues within the institution such as misconduct in the studies, bullying in class, and poor management at work.

There was also a need to create a positive impact on the behaviour of students among themselves, and towards teaching staff, by example and by dialogue.

At the time of globalisation, more than ever, education is the key to help Vietnamese in their integration to the international job market. Knowledge, skills and attitude are key components in the learning process, and the role model of teachers are important in shaping the students future behaviour in life and at work.

The founders of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Union aim to create a model of good governance to help the education sector improve the learning environment through exchanging with their peers across the country and beyond.

The Global Federation of Vietnamese Teachers’ Unions (VNTU) project was initiated and supported by the Institute for Viet-US and Globalisation Studies (USA), to reach out to all Vietnamese teachers worldwide. The mission is to rebuild a learning environment that can bring back the Vietnamese values and spirit to the education sector at home. We hope, by doing so, to help reduce violence and cheating at school, and reduce the sources of conflicts among a growing numbers of victims of this degradation.

As of October 2020, the VNTU community is reaching out to the world through its Global Office in Geneva, with the support of the Association Pont-du-Pacifique Les Amis du Vietnam, and the Vietnam Hoc Institute, both based in Switzerland. Through the training programs aimed at capacity building of Vietnamese teachers, in collaboration with a number of international organisations, namely Globethics.net Foundation, Agape Foundation and our training partners, namely SBI Training Solutions, Au Lac Vietnamese Language School, ABS Institute, and many more, we hope to contribute to the Vietnamese communities of teachers unions worldwide some learning resources to attain the goals and objectives of the Charter of the VNTU.

We welcome any good proposal or contribution to our efforts in making the world a better place to live. Join us to contribute to this Forum.

Anita H.


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Anita H.

Expert in Intercultural Communication, navigating between 4 cultures and 5 languages which I use daily for work and leisure. Author of blogs on wordpress and blogspot on SBI Training Solutions Projects: vietnamhoc, yourvietnamexpert, yourvietbooks, sbi-training.com.

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